Class Description

Family Discount
offered for Siblings

We sell children wet-suits

Privates - Water safety coupled with stroke instruction (Freestyle, Back, Breast, and Butterfly) all done at swimmers individual pace 1 swimmer per instructor, 30 min, $40 per lesson

Semi-Private*** – Water safety coupled with 4 Stroke instructions (Freestyle, Back, Breast, and Butterfly) 3 swimmers per instructor, 30 min, $25 per lesson

Guppy Swimmers – "Pre-team" Stroke Technique & Endurance, bridges the gap between swim lessons and competitive swimming. This class is for more advanced swimmers who already can demonstrate the 4 strokes and have the ability to swim for the full 45-min class 5 sw
immers per instructor, 45 min, $25 per lesson

Water Fitness - Aerobics, & Strength Training, this class is a combination of water resistance, cardio and light weight training. This class is for individuals 18 or older 45 min - $80 per session (8 lessons)

 Parent & Me - For new swimmers- parent and me nine months to two years "the purpose of our parent and me course is to educate parents on how to play with their children safely in the water in a way that encourages water safety and helps the parent to be involved with their child's swimming"


Full payment due at registration - Family discount offered for Sibling

***No Make-ups / Unfilled classes maybe cancelled/time changed or given the option to change to a private lesson where rates will change